Unilorites Demand For Apology From The Cadets

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Unilorites Demand For Apology From The Cadets
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:13:45 PM »

A student writes,

Many of us, presently, are surely not ignorant of the very recent happenings that took place as a factor of the CBT tests that didn't go too well. While we appreciate the students union for reacting swiftly and putting the situation under absolute control, I still think there is a pending issue.

Various eye witness accounts have alleged the fact that sticks were held by cadets at the CBT center with an intention to control the queue. While they might have had a good intention, they have gone about executing it in a blatantly wrong manner.

Students are definitely not goats and therefore should not threatened with a stick, let alone it be used on them. I find this very offensive and dishonorable on the part of the cadets. Not to also imagine that they have not even released an official statement - that I know of - on the matter, which leaves me to wonder if they even care.

It is on this note that I am clamoring that the leadership of the Cadets, as soon as possible, release an official statement which should include an apology for attempting to physically abuse students when they should be doing the exact opposite.

We are not goats and should not be treated as such.

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