Story of 'Umair ib Sa'd continuation

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Story of 'Umair ib Sa'd continuation
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The Story of 'Umair Ibn Sa'd

 Part Three

`Umair's action was a blessing for Julaas. Thus Julaas repented and his Islamic conduct turned to be more righteous than before. The Prophet (PBUH) held his ear and praised him, "O my boy! Your ear was loya l and your Lord believed you."

I was delighted when I met `Umair for the first time  four  years  ago  while  composing  my  book Between the Hands of `Umar. I was amazed. Nothing could amaze me so much as what happene d between him and the Commander of the Faithful. I am going to narrate to you that event for you to enjoy with me "excellence" in its most precious and magnificent form.

You all know that the Commander of the Faithful, `Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) chose his governors very cautiously as if choosing his destiny He always chose them from among the ascetic, pious, honest, and truthful: those who escaped from power and authority and would not accept it unless forced by the Commander of the Faithful to do so.

Despite his unerring insight and his overwhelming experience, he was very deliberate when choosing his governors and counselors, dealing scrupulously with his decision.

He never stopped his famous statement: "I need a man who, if among his clan would seem to be their prince while he isn't so in reality, and who, if among them would seem to be an ordinary one while being their prince in reality. I need a governor who won't favor himself above the other people in terms of clothing, food, or dwelling; who will lead them in their prayers, distribute their dues among them fairly, and rule them justly, never shutting his door leaving their needs and wishes unfulfilled.

According to these strict requisites he chose `Umair Ibn Sa'd to be a governor over Homs. `Umair tried to free himself of that task and to save himself, but the Commander of the Faithful obligated him and imposed it upon him forcefully. `Umair asked Allah for proper guidanc e. Then he went to carry out his duty and task.

To be cont...........



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