All Nigerian Universities Crest Award (ANUCA) 2017 was a scam -Award winners

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The Winners of ANUCA 2017 have said that the award which is regarded as the most prestigious Nigerian Universities award was turned to be a scam.

They revealed that the venue of the event wasn't what they expected for a national award because it was very small, the tables, chairs, stage were not even decorated and the event which was supposed to start by 2pm did not start until 6pm.

Some students also alleged that the MC for the event was not even aware he was supposed to anchor the event until few minutes to the commencement of the event.
Adding that most of the celebrities that were supposed to attend the event were absent only two were present namely; Aejumoke Aderounmu and Bimbo oshin

They revealed that when it was time for them to receive their awards, the organizers alleged that people who were supposed to bring the award had an accident on their way and that some of the awards had been destroyed.

Some of the awards arrived and some students were able to get their awards and others were told to come back on Wednesday to get theirs.

This provoked other students to the extent that they beat the organizer of the event Till he was rescued by soldiers to avoid being lynched by the angry students. Most students left the venue in annoyance.

Some of the winners said they wished they had to come for the award ceremony as it was not what they initially expected.

It was also confirmed that only one student from the University of Ilorin was able to receive an award. So bad!!

All nominees were initially told to pay the sum of #1,000 each while winners were made to pay the Sum of #7,000 compulsory.

I hope the management would able to say something about this very soon.

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