FOSSSA President Speaks On His Suspension

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FOSSSA President Speaks On His Suspension
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Sequel to the on-going drama in the Faculty of Social Sciences which had the president suspended for 14 days, on the basis of acting in contrary to the constitution, and his inability to properly account for how he spent the money belonging to the association. As his suspension elapses on the 30th of May, 2017, the President Kelvin has narrated his own side of the story, stating that he had learnt his lesson.

In an interview with UCJ Unilorin, the president shed more light as to the reasons for his suspension and some of the big plans he has for the  remaining days of his administration.

UCJ: Can we meet you?
KELVIN:  My name is Oluwaleke Gbemikaye Kelvin,  the President of Faculty of Social Sciences from the department of psychology.

UCJ: Could you shed light on the reasons for your suspension?
KELVIN: My being suspended was as a result of certain issues that occurred between myself and some of the decisions that I have made as a president of the faculty that certainly didn't go down well with the SRC of the faculty hence they felt since they have issues with some of the decisions that I took, with how and why I took them, they felt I should be held responsible for my actions and so I think that is exactly the reason for my suspension.

UCJ: What particular action of yours led to your suspension?
KELVIN: If you would agree with me, you will find out that the school calendar has been  a bit inconsistent that is why we had 300 and 400 level having their exams first so because of that inconsistency in the calender it has made it totally difficult for us to attain our objectives meaning we have to out source or look inward to do some things and some times some of these things that we look inward to do,  they made it necessary for us to make certain decisions like I could remember vividly one of the things they held me for was the issue of the faculty freshers hangouts that I did.

We didn't tell them and the truth of the matter is, it wasn't like we didn't want to tell them. We told them but there are some processes they made us go through but we couldn't go through everything based on the time and the financial commitment that has already been committed to the project and so when it turned out that we can no longer have it based on their own decision it was so difficult to go back on the decision because the students already had a date at heart,  they already prepared and we already used our money to pay for the venue and so it just came all of a sudden when the SRC said we should stop it. So it was difficult for us to go back on the decision.

UCJ: Are you saying the program was done with your personal money?
KELVIN: Yes, I make bold to say it categorically that from the whole money that was spent for the freshers hangouts roughly we spent nothing less than ninety thousand naira #90,000 and the only money that I will say came from another source, which is not my personal  money is nine thousand, two hundred Mayra #9200 and I could get that money not because they willingly gave me but because I told my CEC when we did the program we had before that one, we were able to reserve some money so that money was what I added to facilitate everything that happened.

Apart from that every penny,  every kobo spent,  I spent my personal money. And as a matter of fact I sold Ticket for like 500 per ticket and sincerely I ran at lose in the sense that people came for the program but somehow,  probably because of the way people just come in with the Ticket, tear it,  give it to their friends,  their friends do the same... So the number of tickets that we sold that day was just a handful...i cannot quote a particular figure right now but I can always do that if you need me to. Because I made sure I kept those tickets for situations like this.

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