Let Fight For Our Right- A Unilorite Writes

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Let Fight For Our Right- A Unilorite Writes
« on: March 07, 2017, 12:29:55 AM »
Following the issues that has been going on in school presently, A angry student writes to expressed his own believed


Is this how its going to be forever??
We are not stupid you know, but we are all scared of the word ''Face Tanke''.

Its not polite of me to say 'A common cleaner but how come a Common Cleaner has more power over the STUDENT. Like the saying ''The Beautiful ones are not yet born'' Thinking about what this quote is got to do with this? I'll say they are born but not yet given the chance to explore.

Not all of us are stupid,  But the word 'FACE TANKE' is main chain pinning down UNILORITES, preventing them from taking actions.
Some of us have a name to protect while some do not.
I believe that in any school in this world, after the rights of the Lectures, comes that of the students. We Students should be given the rights that we are being denied of.

These issue does not just go on on campus, It is the same outside the school. Imagine, I was at Oke-odo standing in front of a shop trying to get something, suddenly I heard a woman screaming in Yoruba ''Teba kolu omo mi,maalo f'ejo yin sun school nioo'' Can you believe this? Saying if the students make any collision against or with her kid,she'll report them to the S.U. and instantly the students stopped running. How stupid does it sound?.

There is Another woman at oke-Odo who collects Matriculation Number of students before selling Soft drinks to them.

Again, I was at the CBT center last week, just passing by when some guy walked passed me and one of them said ''Yesternight, A security man stopped me and asked for my I.D.Card bcus I was walking alone, he said If I do not provide it He'll take me to the Security Unit. Then I said to him, ''Baba, you know say na only me and you dey hear?'' To my greatest surprise He Laughed and said ''I swear the baba no wait, him use style dress back''. Immediately, his friend replied ''Ehen, Naso e suppose be, make we dey let them know''.
Seriously this will get out of hand, if care is not taken this is the kind of step Unilorites will start Taking one after the other. As for me I have said my own.

And for the cadet Issue? Na only God go save us from them, especially that mumu girl wey dey among dem, the idiot go dey insult person anyhow. The oga of your Oga wey you insult for bank area unknowingly dey come for you ooo.

We all know Unilorin is probita and doctrinal I.e (Learning & Character)

Do you think he has a point on this write up?
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