Lol. Crazy Things We Do During Examination Period

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Lol. Crazy Things We Do During Examination Period
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:18:03 PM »
Everyone is almost a victim, here is a post about what we do during exam period in other to excel.

1) spend the night prior to an examination in the class reading all through

2) try to fix the whole text book in our head 30 minutes to the exam

3) run to examination hall without bathing; mostly when you are engrossed in reading or didn't know the actual time of the exam

4) recite a particular theory or formula non-stop till we see question paper

5) go for all-night church programs seeking breakthrough

6) befriend serious students in order to get favours during exams

7) ''block'' lecturers to get undue favours

8 ) dress simple and become hardworking by force (mainly females)

9) get a sitting formation squad in the hall to share ideas

10) carry small ''explosives'' into the hall
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