​Official statement of Psychology Students On the Accreditation exercise

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*Official statement of Psychology Students On the Accreditation exercise*

Firstly,we are here to tell the entire world that Department of Psychology Unilorin chapter is here to stay and nothing can divide our unity. It was disheartening when we all heard the news that the department was not accredited by NUC. Among all  the departments that did accreditation, it was only *Psychology* and *Social Works* that was not granted accreditation, but why ?

I will like to question the effort of the university management lead by the VC (Prof Ambali) on Faculty Of *Social Sciences* in general. Because, in several aspects we are really lacking behind other faculties, we are here talking about a faculty that do not have conducive and commodious lecture rooms to carry out lecture activities. Also, few of our lecture rooms are being shared with management sciences, talk less of having enough building for each departments. Our faculty of *Seven* departments in social sciences, shares just three  building.
Economics, Psychology, Social works share only One building that belongs to Economics. Sociology and Political science shares one. while, Geography as a department use one. Even the  office used by Psychology lecturers are not enough but they have no choice.
I will like to remind the school authorities not to forget we also paid Tuition fees like every other students in other faculties and we deserve every right they deserve. It could be noticed that maybe, it was the nonchalant attitude of the university management towards Faculty of Social Sciences that affected Psychology & Social works.

Why will NUC accredit Psychology?
A department we all know "statistically" to be the most expensive to run in social sciences which include a standardized laboratory of Human lab and Animal lab and the administration lead by Prof Ambali provided none for them. For Psychology to also become a department in any University, they also need certain instruments that must be in their laboratory, which the school provided few out of  the whole instruments. In view of this, the NUC denied us the accreditation. Also, Psychology as a department has only 7 lecturers which includes 2 doctors and 5 junior lecturers and no professors... Please, how will NUC accredit a department of ( 7 lecturers, no professors  and no specific building for the department, standard laboratory for the department)? We can't continue like this, before May which would probably be the next accreditation exercise, the management should please put everything in place for us .

I would like to commend the efforts of the H.O.D of the Department of Psychology during the accreditation exercise and how you transformed the department from a mere department to a very important one in Social sciences,  Dr *Remi Opayemi* you are nothing but a joy to the department because you gave us joy for the course. Even when we were tired and we felt like transferring to other department, u made us believe in the course. *_Please sir, don't give up_* you should ensure to finish the work you have started and together we are going to come out victorious. You are not alone sir we are with you. To other lecturers (Mr Fagbamila, Miss Faworaja, Miss Basirat) to mention a few, we appreciate u all.

To conclude, I will like to employ the Dean Of Social sciences in person of Prof B Salawu and the Students Union President *Eminent* to please clamour on our behalf to the university management so our beloved Psychology department can be accredited come next accreditation program in *May* as we were told. The management should please provide us building for the department to operate, and increase the numbers of our lecturers and they should provide us standard laboratory and utilized equipments that will make the department to be accredited.

From A Concerned Student  of Psychology Department

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