Press Statement From Okikiola, CEO All Nigerian Universities Crest Award (ANUCA)

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After all the winners of Anuca 2017 expressed their opinion concerning how Anuca 2017 was a scammed.
The CEO of Anuca 2017, finally released a press statement on social media.

Read what he said,

We @ Volts media H. Q sincerely apologize to everyone for what happened at the 5th Edition of ANUCA Award 2017 , we sincerely regret all wasted effort and we are sincerely ready to amend all our mistakes. All Award Plaques will be ready by tomorrow (27th 03 2017 ) and the management will start delivering to each University Social Director by tomorrow,we regret to announce the incompetence of the organizers of the award plaques as over 70% of our winners have not received their award plaques. In the History of ANUCA this has never happened before. Media press release and apology letter would be released on Top media platforms over this week....

Publicity of ANUCA 2018 kick off soon as we still remain the most creative and biggest student award platform in Nigeria, Antar Laniyan send his regards as he could not meet up with the show,

We specially want to congratulate everyone and also thank our socials and partners,

Exclusive picture's of the event drop soon on top media platforms

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