See How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running IMSU Students Mad

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See How Ponzi Scheme Fever Is Running IMSU Students Mad
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:32:01 PM »

I don't know whether the headquarters of networking business or better still ponzi schemes is in Imo state university owerri (IMSU) or what.

At night you will see a group of students huddled round one laptop awaiting the arrival of a new website, Immediately it opens, hundreds of students rush, invest money most of which promises to either pay you double or triple, other times, 4 times of what you invested.

The early birds get their return and it closes down almost by the next day.
Those who lose lick their wounds and wait for the next day.

I don't know if it so in other schools but in IMSU here, its like that is the only lifeline they have.
Some of these websites are even developed by people around us, there is never a fast way to make money, what they just do is take from Obi and Pay Ada, take from John and Pay obi, at the end, John loses.

Some get lucky, others don't.
The launchers make their own money by merging plenty people to pay them and from traffic gotten from an influx of persons to register.

Heard of one that used 800 thousand naira to do MMM and it crashed, a student for that matter.
One used her house rent to do, and it got stuck.

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