AT LAST!! UNILORIN SU President (EMINENT) and Dr. Ajiboye's Issue resolved

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As regards the news spreading across the social media that Dr. Ajiboye slapped UNILORIN Su president, we are glad to inform you all the matter has been resolved.

The whole issue was settled after a meeting with the Vice chancellor, Prof. Abdulganiyu Ambali, ASUU team,Council of Former President, SU,  Student Affairs Unit Student Union and University Management Team.

A Press release from the students union titled "Time to let go" which was signed by the students union president, Comrade sobowale Lukman olawale details;

"The Student Union, University of Ilorin write to express her gratitude to the management of the University of Ilorin, under the distinguished leadership of Prof. AbdulGaniyu Ambali, OON for their support, confidence and faith in the Student Union.  We would also like to appreciate the entire members of staff of this great university for their selfless commitment, dedication and good spirit which is geared towards ensuring that the university continues to maintain its place as the most sought after university in Nigeria. More importantly, is our academic staff, who put their life on the line towards ensuring the provision of quality education in this University. At this juncture, It therefore becomes imperative to emphasize on improved staff-student relationship, as we remain partners in progress.

"On the trending issue, we would like to register our displeasure over the unfortunate event that has snowballed into a conflagration. We wish to admit that the development is regrettable but not out of place, as lessons have been learnt and bridges have been built. Similarly, we wish to state here that the sealing of the office of the lecturer concerned is not intended, but a show of discontent by some union officials, whose intention, though sincere, yet overboard! We therefore sue for peace and urge for ceasefire among all stakeholders concerned. Time has come to let go and keep up with the developmental agenda of the university of Ilorin.

"Dearest colleagues, we once again, have to appreciate the university management for their genuine intentions and responsiveness throughout this period, we wish to admit that the management has been positive to our demands and no stone was left unturned.

"Today, in what looks like a peace treaty championed by the Student Union President, Comr. Shobowale Lukman. ASUU, Council of former Student Union President, Student Affairs Unit as well as the University management in a bid to ensure an enabling environment and restore peace. At the meeting, all parties involved sued for peace. The Student Union particularly requested for urgent continuation of the postponed examination and a consensus was reached to commence all to the best interest of the University.  Although, Dr Ajiboye has been queried, relieved from examination activities and subsequently suspended as Sub Dean Faculty of Engineering. The Student Union has however,decided to withdraw this case in the best interest of our students  and ultimately let Go!

"As part of this peace accord, students from the faculty of Engineering will now proceed with their examinations.

"We understand that most of you feel disgruntled and aggrieved about the ugly development, we feel it too.  However,  we make bold to say that this is the time to let go! even as we clamour for against repetition of such.

"We all have to be prepared to put the Union first in all that we do, no matter how we feel about anything else! Unnecessary politicking must not hold us down. Our collective challenges as a Union at this time does not give room for sectionalism or politics of vendetta.
It is on this note, that we will like to appreciate you all for your unyielding solidarity throughout this struggle. We also wish to express our gratitude to the students of the Faculty of Engineering for their understanding and equanimity. We have to also stress that our retroactive steps were not in any way to bring disrepute to the lecturer concerned or the faculty of Engineering, clearly to protect the institution of the Union.

"It is on this premise that the Union will like to make a clear promise today—we will never underundermine, sabotage or jettison the stability that we presently enjoy, which is our common pride. We shall continue to protect our stability to the latter!

"We therefore wish to appreciate all and sundry for their intervention and solidarity.

"Dearest colleagues, our Union is at a time of reckoning, the bonds of trust and respect are fraying and the spirit of resentment, discontent and outrage has snowballed. We therefore, want to urge for unity and peace, to see us through this period together.

"As a Union, we will continue to remain focused and resolute to your course and provide you with quality leadership. It is our earnest hope that whatever we do will ultimately ennoble our Union.

"As always, our determination remains unshakeable.

"To our lecturers, you remain respected and honoured. Your labour of love over us is appreciated and cherished. To students,  thank you for your comradeship and show of unconditional solidarity.

Below is the picture taking in vice Chancellor office at Senate building.
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