BREAKING NEWS: Vacancy Announcement for the post of Vice Chancellor in Unilorin

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 The Position

The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer of the University and shall exercise general supervision over the University. He/She shall be Ex-Officio Chairman of Senate and Congregation and Member of the Governing Council. He/She shall be responsible to Council for the day to day management of the human, financial and material resources of the University.

   The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin, must be:

i) a distinguished Professor of not less than 10 years in one of the disciplines offered by the  University of Ilorin;

ii) of demonstrable astute managerial ability to maintain the peace and academic stability for  which the University is reputed;

iii) a scholar of outstanding national and international repute, with proficiency in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and considerable experience at top levels of  University Administration;

iv) a Professor with a track record of teaching, research and community service;

v) a person of entrepreneurial and innovative pre-disposition, with a proven track record appropriate to the vision and mission of a first class University;

vi) a person endowed with strong character and ability to give courageous and effective  leadership;

vii) a person capable of inspiring the advancement of learning and reaching out to all persons without discrimination in any form;

viii) of a sound health, pleasant disposition, unassailable integrity and strong moral character for inspiring and maintaining moral discipline among staff and students; and

ix) of proven ability to initiate contacts and funding from national and international sources.



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