GOOD NEWS: Solution to errors in names and matric no on NYSC Senate List

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This error is very common this time around and for all PCMs worried out there, you should read this....

For instance, you are Abdulganiy Ambali and you see Abudugalibu Ambali. Or Your name is Abu Abdullah and on the approved Senate list, you see Abu Ablah ...
 Or maybe your third name is missing.... you don't need to panic, just read on.... Your Matric Number is UIL/2012/054 and you see KWA/2012/054 Or is there an error in your matric Number or your last name is missing. Or a letter in your name is omitted? Don't panic, read on.

Solutions to Errors in Names & Matric No on NYSC Senate list is an article Provided by Corpers Forum to make Prospective Corp Members relax their mind and also provide solution to the viral problem about errors in names and matric numbers.

Why is there an error in Your name on the Approved Senate list

Typographical Error

This is the only reason why your name contains an error. Those names on that list did not just appear from thin air. They were typed by people like you and I.
They were typed by people who may be hungry or angry at a point in time. Nobody is perfect, and some mistakes might not even be seen until the actual owner of the name discover that.
That's the cause of the error and not maybe your village people are still on your case.

What is the solutions to the Error?

The solution to this error is that...
You fix it when you get to Orientation camp.

Yes, it's that easy. When you get to orientation camp, you will go ICT center and inform them. They will give you a form, either online or immediately. You Fill the form correctly and it will be fixed for you. Just calm down and wait for orientation camp to begin. You then fix it during the camp.

Thanks for reading.


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