How To Develop A Reading Habit As A Student

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How To Develop A Reading Habit As A Student
« on: March 08, 2017, 02:52:33 PM »
More and more people are finding it hard to read every day and this is a cause for worry in this generation globally!

Reading means different things to different people, some read for more knowledge while some read as a past time pleasure.

Some people do not know the joy derived in reading and the amount of knowledge you can acquire through reading.

The day I wrote ‘how I developed a reading  habit’, I got a lot of positive feedback, and so many people said I inspired them!

One said, he actually doesn’t read through any article he only skims but, with my article he read through to the end!

I developed the habit of reading at a very young age, I would read anything readable, sometimes, I would beg people to read for them!

Reading can be a bit boring especially if you are not passionate about reading, people do not know that it takes passion to read.

When I read other people’s article and go through the comment section, people would be complaining about the article being an epistle!

I would be like, how? Because I know the read wasn’t more than three hundred or say four hundred words.

You can become a good reader by first of all reading interesting articles like comic magazines, real-life stories and auto-biographies.

While you are reading, picture yourself in the scenes of the article you are reading or read like you were the one who wrote it!

There is a whole lot you can achieve or gain through reading, because through reading you can develop the habit of writing too.

Reading gives you a sense of responsibility; imagine reading quietly at an event where others are busy with gossips!

People who are observant around would point you out as a wise and responsible person and who knows, it might land you a job.

Another way to develop a reading habit is by reading last thing in the night, especially if you find the novel boring.

Have you noticed that boring novels are always interesting at nights? Because that is the only thing you have to do at that moment!

There are no distractions, nothing to take your attention from whatever you are reading, so reading at nights is essential for lazy readers.

Reading landed me a good job while I was in England, a client enjoyed being read to and I did that so well I replaced someone else!

These days people are only interested in skimming through an article and reading the gossips contained in it.

Some others are interested in looking at photos with funny or lurid captions; remember the information you feed yourself with is vital!

Reading informative articles like news magazines, newspapers, opinions and quality write ups can improve your English vocabulary too!

I have an uncle who did not complete his secondary education but, today speaks good and polished English.

You would think he graduated from Cambridge University. He believed reading would help him speak well and it did!

You too can do it, readers are leaders they say and there is a hundred percent truth in it, if you doubt me, ask my uncle! lol
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