I ’ll reward dedication, hard work, Abdulkareem tells Congregation

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The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, Prof. Sulyman Age Abdulkareem, has expressed his administration's commitment to rewarding the efforts and dedication of every staff that show exemplary commitment to the growth and excellence of the University, saying, “if we are to seize this moment together, we must enjoy it together”.

Prof. Abdulkareem, who stated this last Wednesday (October 25, 2017), in his address to the first Congregation he was presiding over since his assumption of duties, added that his tenure will also not hesitate to reprimand any staff that is found wanting.

In the address, entitled “Let Us Seize This Moment Together to Widen the Frontiers”, the Vice-Chancellor noted that aside from staff welfare, his administration will place emphasis on infrastructural development, excellence, discipline, as well as increasing the institution's internally generated revenue.

Describing the immediate past Vice-Chancellor's effort in infrastructural development as “astonishing, monumental and impressive”, Prof. Abdulkareem said, “It is my desire to sustain the tempo of physical and infrastructural development in order to push it in my own way to attaining the world best environment for learning, research and community service.”

On discipline, the Vice-Chancellor admonished staff to display a more disciplined approach to the mandates of the University, as well as have a renewed sense of integrity, dutifulness, commitment and dedication because “we have a duty of promoting the glory of the University. This moment requires we have a revival of absolute discipline, hard work and self-sacrifice”.

Prof. Abdulkareem emphasized that his administration will be “an era with greater responsibility and greater discipline because we must recognise we have a duty to ourselves and to the institution”. He then urged all staff to work conscientiously by shunning truancy, laziness, lateness and derelictions in order to make the University the best in all aspects.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that the vision of the University is to become an International Center of Excellence and as such, his administration would pursue the vision “vigorously” particularly in teaching and research because “it is our agenda to fundamentally drive this University on a course of becoming more reputable for research outputs that can change the world.”

Recalling the University's Council Chairman's dream of having the University produce a Nobel Laureate within a short time, Prof. Abdulkareem noted that “this is achievable if we have a renewed energy, devotion, focus, attitudes and ethos that can rekindle our unique Unilorin spirit for attaining greater heights.”

He then urged the staff to modify the teaching and learning process to be “student-centered, student-oriented and character-moulding”, adding that because the University is known for discipline and probity in the Nigerian University Education System, all hands must be on deck to sustain its reputation through exemplary leadership.

Noting that the University cannot solely depend on government subventions, the Vice-Chancellor said, “The hallmark of a good university is its ability to fund its mandate from what it generates. My aspiration is to enhance our resolve to be one of those good internationally recognised universities that can maximise its potentials and resources to enhance its impact on the world.”

Prof. Abdulkareem disclosed that plans are already in top gear to maximise the utilisation of the over 15,000 hectares of land in the University in order to generate funds, adding that the University Zoo would be rehabilitated and developed to an international standard “that will not only give us greater glory but also yield substantial revenue for the University”.

Enjoining staff to continuously exhibit the spirit of togetherness and commitment to the larger goal, the Vice-Chancellor pledged to be “fair, just, firm, conscientious, selfless, transparent and innovative” as he pilots the University to greatness. He added that “greatness is not given; it can only be earned and we must continue our sturdy sail of progress but on a more reinvigorated and redirected course”.



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