LATEST: These are the reasons why NYSC should not be scrape in Nigeria

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After the Nigeria Civil war, the NYSC scheme was created to reconcile, reconstruct and to rebuild the country.

After the Nigeria Civil war, the NYSC scheme was created to reconcile, reconstruct and to rebuild the country. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established on the 22nd May, 1973. NYSC was established with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity.
Recently, there have been rumours that the NYSC scheme has been scrap by the federal government. Even though it was a rumour, many people would love to see it happen.

Today, we will be telling you five funny reasons why NYSC should not be scrap.

1. Cultures/ Tradition

Do you know most youths have not travelled out of their state of origin or resident? Scrapping NYSC will prevent most youth to experience or learn other cultures. I recently finished my NYSC program of which I served in Anambra state. I can vehemently tell you that knowing the culture and tradition of the Anambrans changed my orientation towards the Igbo people and increased my love for business. There is always something you will learn from other cultures and traditions.

2. Alawee

#19,800? That's too small! Only feeding will consume more than half of it! I won't lie to you, I also complained about the money. But do you really think if NYSC is no more, you can get 19800 every month after finishing school considering the Nigeria economy? This small alawee has saved many youths from begging money from parents, uncle, friends after school. I can tell you that many youths don't even get up to that alawee in a month after finishing their NYSC. Do you know the money most people saved from their Alawee is what they use to survive after NYSC before their dream job? It might be funny to you, but it is true.

3. Life Partner

I don't need to tell you that many people met their lost rip during the one year NYSC program. I can still remember the song we sang at orientation camp ''When corper marry corper them go born ... wink''. So many married people met their partner at the orientation camp, some at their PPA and some even met theirs in the host community. A lot of persons might not see their missing rip if NYSC is scrap- funny but true.

4. Job Opportunities

We have talked about Cultures, Alawee, and Life partner, let's Talk about Job opportunities. During NYSC program- Most graduates are fortunate to work in an organization where they are being retained after the one year program. Apart from your PPA, there can also be several job openings in the community or state where you served. Scrapping NYSC will deprive so many of job.

5. Experience
NYSC program serves as a good platform to gain experience. 70% of corps are being posted to schools which is also a good place to gain experience. I don't need to tell to include it as experience in your CV.



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