No More Unilorin Cadets - A Student writes

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No More Unilorin Cadets - A Student writes
« on: March 03, 2017, 08:24:07 AM »

A student who also an eye witness expressed his own opinion concerning the incidents that happened in school last night.

He writes,

The real commotion actually started when a CADET beat an innocent guy with a rod.... I could hear the sound 100 meters away. That was when everyone lost it and instead of trying to control the crowd the Cadets were busy beating up the guy who was trying to retaliate. So before anyone comes here on the defense of the Cadets u should get ur details right. I was a live witness.

Obviously Cadets has done more harm than good to Unilorin community. I think is time to say Goodbye.

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Re: No More Unilorin Cadets - A Student writes
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