Official Press Statement From Unilorin Cadet To All Unilorites

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Following the issues that happened few days ago about the cadet and unilorin students which caused little riot at the school car pack.  :)

The cadet today released an official statement by Cdt. Maj. Elewude, T.P Commanding Officer, CADET CORPS, UNILORIN COMMAND.

He writes,

"THE CADET CORPS UNILORIN COMMAND writes to make clarifications on the happenings of Thursday 2nd of March 2017 which led to several misconceptions and falsified news and has brought about mixed feelings to the part of this command and as  well the University Administration as a whole.


"On Thursday 2nd of March 2017, as part of our usual voluntary service for peaceful coexistence in the university community, we deployed about fifteen officers to the CBT center so as to assist the security division on the maintenance of order and to achieve a free flow of traffic (this has been our routine since the beginning of CBT Tests and Exams).

Around 5.45pm on the said date, the Students' Union President in person of Com. David Shobowale a.k.a Eminent placed a call to the Cadet Adjutant General that he has received several open letters to the effect that the Cadets coordinating queues at the CBT center are using cane on fellow students.

The Cadet Adjutant General disclaimed this and *he said that NO CADET OFFICER would use cane on a fellow student* and even presently as they speak the CADETS are still at the CBT Center performing their duties without denying any student of his/her right, Mr. Eminent was also told that anyone one claiming Cadets are using cane should present a valid claim and stop spreading falsified news.
The Student Union President himself went immediately to the CBT center after the conversation to see things himself and on getting there he did not find any CADET armed with any kind of weapon whatsoever even cane, on this note he proceeded to make findings from some University officials in which the Director of CBT was included on the claim of Cadets using cane and he was told no Cadet was armed.
He as well tried his best to calm the aggrieved students down but all proved abortive, he then placed a call to the Cadet Adjutant General *apologizing for the wrong accusation on his part to the command and he as well commend the efforts of the Cadet at the CBT center and also urged the Adjutant to please make sure his officers are present the next day.*
The case was also reported to the Deputy Chief Security Officer of the University’s Security Division and he as well *commend the efforts of Cadet and also seek for the continuation of the Cadet Service the next day.*


On the withdrawal of the Cadets at the CBT center by the Adjutant General, they head straight to the park in a bid to go to their respective homes and in this course another duty calls because the park by that time has been jam-packed with about 6000 students who were coming from the CBT center.

The Cadets embarked on another duty at the park which is ensuring the orderliness of students and the curbing of shunting, it was at the point that a Cadet Officer on duty, (The Cadet Provost Marshal) was hit with a metal pipe by a 200level student of the Department of Arts Education, Faculty of Education.

The other students on the queue instead of rescuing the Cadet who was hit in the course of his duty shun that but instead joined forces with the attacker to further beat up the said Officer.
The main culprit who attacked the Cadet was later arrested by a Sister Club Officer (Man O War Unilorin Command) and was taken to the security division.

It was at this point that a direct order came from the Cadet Commanding Officer that ALL CADETS should stand down duty with immediate effect, and this was what led to Unilorites getting stranded and they having to struggle and hustle before getting vehicles to convene them to their respective homes, in which during the process 2 students were knocked down by vehicles and about 3 buses were damaged by some unknown aggrieved students.
The Cadet Provost Marshal was later taken to the school clinic and he was attended to, as at the time of writing this report the Cadet Provost Marshal has resumed back to duty.

On a final note, the student who hit a metal pipe on the Cadet Provost Marshal has claimed guilty to the offense charged for and his case has been handed over to the Students Affairs Unit and the Security Division.

Our Message to Unilorites.

*To the writer of “letter to Unilorin Cadets” and his colleagues like Rilwan Adetayo Balogun, Aladodo, Ademola Habeeb (Providence) and Oluwadanie.*
Before you make accusation, put consultation first so that you can be clarified and not to mislead or poison other people's mind. Composing a false write up does not make you a good writer but a killer because a lot of people will be living with heart full of lies.

The priority of the Corps is to maintain discipline, safety of every students and for peaceful coexistence within the University.
The Corps is an intermediary between the School Authority and the Students Security wise.
Stop transferring aggression to *we people of the GREEN UNIFORM.*
Imagine attacking a Cadet who was on duty at the school park when maintaining orderliness?
We guess the so called writers could not write about a Cadet who was hit with a metal pipe on the head by one of the students he was protecting (was he trying to assassinate him?)  But the writers could gladly write about a falsified news that Cadets are flogging their colleagues at the CBT Center….
Even after several false accusations and confrontations, we Cadets never relent in maintaining a peaceful coexistence within the University at the same CBT center the second day which was Friday (03/03/2017) even after one of us was nearly murdered… What a gallant 100% devoted, committed and determined Officers and Men we are.

University of Ilorin is known for Peace let us maintain the standard and let us shun all the acts of indiscipline.
We would always be of help to the entire University Community.

As it is the right of Cadets to render voluntary service so is to right of students to abide by the school laid down rules
Together we can live in Peace...

*Did You Know the Difference between Cadet Corps and Other ParaMilitary Organization on Campus?
With reference to the recent happenings and past ones, it seems that in the view of some Unilorites anybody on uniform or anybody maintaining orderliness at the school park is a Cadet which is absolutely wrong.
There are four Paramilitary Organizations registered on Campus, which are;
1. Cadet Corps Unilorin Command
2. Man O’ War Unilorin Command
3. Red Cross Unilorin Detachment and
4. Air Scouts’ Unilorin Command
Each and every of these Paramilitary formations has her own respective colour which detonates the external organization it’s affiliated to and also each of these formations have her distinct trait and characteristics but still work hand in hand towards the same goal.

The Cadet Corps is identified with her *GREEN COLOUR Uniform*, The Man O War *BROWN*, Red Cross - *RED* and The Air Scout - *BLUE*

As students of this great citadel of learning, we should learn to differentiate rumors from facts. It astonishes the versions of the same story circulating in the social media. Everyone has an opinion but few have the fact. This is a saddening turn of events as the more these stories circulate, the more people get the wrong information about the Corps.
The Corps is ready to take responsibility of any of her officers caught with any infractions but the said infractions have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
On the issue of the Corps issuing a public apology, when the students has listed our infractions and proven that we are guilty beyond reasonable doubt, then you can expect an apology from us.

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Re: Official Press Statement From Unilorin Cadet To All Unilorites
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 08:19:19 AM »
A Cadet was attacked and hit by metal pipe,
He must have done something wrong for other students
decided not to rescue him but joined forces with the student
who attacked him. I think you did not do justice to your write up
but just to clarify your organization's misdeeds and paint the students
with colour you like, please try to be just in everything you do in life. Thank you.


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