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Read: Interesting Fact About April Fool
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April Fool's Day ( An excerpt From 'Jettisoned')

 by Akintayo Akinjide

Teju's eyes flickered. The fan rolled. She felt the bed and turned towards where Chris was supposed to be. His phone was on the bed, lying faced down. That was very unlike Chris.

There was no way he would go anywhere without his phone.
She sluggishly rolled off her bed and wrapped the bedsheets around herself. The estate was unusually silent. The estate wasn't used to noise, but this silence was different.

She hobbled towards the toilet. The alcohol she and Chris took before they slept still made her head pound. She could still use four hours of sleep. The previous day was her birthday and the party was so massive that many of them just left that morning. And immediately she and Chris made sure they were all gone, they gulped down another round of wine. This time she knocked herself out.
After knocking the toilet door severally, she opened it to meet an empty bed.
She trudged into the room and wore a bumper short and a T-shirt, then went out of the house. There was only one place Chris could have gone, to get his favourite drink. She hissed and returned to the room and climbed back into her bed.

To be candid, the reason she actually refused to leave the room was because of her fear. The parlour would be a mess and it would depress her, and would remind her of Aunty Nike, her maternal Aunty whose life was rigged with nagging. She had made her hate neatness; then finally love her.

Then Ada was calling. She smiled as she knew why she was calling.
' Hello Bae'.
' Teju help me oo', Ada cried. Teju's smile broaden. She knew why Ada was crying. Chris, her husband hadn't returned home.
' Calm down'.
' I can't find my baby oo'.
'Calm down. Chris must be somewhere chilling'.
' No... I'm talking about JayJay, my baby. I can't find him'.
Teju sat up. ' What- How did it happen?'
' I was on the queue...on the bench, I was sitting right there waiting for his ..his post natal care'.
' Yes...'
' That's when I can't find him'.
People wailed in the background. And that made Teju wondered if other women were crying on Ada's behalf.
' Did you give him to someone?'
' No- No. He sort of...' Ada said and burst into tears. Teju shook her head repeatedly. She had scolded Ada for always being emotional. Then, she remembered it was April 1st.
She hissed. ' Ada abeg. You no fit do April fool for me'.
' No- No. Jay jay disappeared'.

Teju was always skeptical about such things as this, so she contemplated on whether to believe Ada or not. Can that happen? Well, except if someone used metabolical power, which she didn't believe in. But maybe this would prove her wrong.

' Did someone by any chance hit you with something?'
' No-No. He just disappeared', Ada cried. 'His clothes are still in my hand. Ah! My baby'.
' Ada, no dey joke. You should have played your prank since morning'.
' Will I joke about Jayjay?'
' Yes. You know I'm his godmother'.
' No- No. It's not only JayJay that's gone. Many children are also gone'.
Teju was petrified. She turned stiffly to look at the side of the bed. Chris' clothes were all there. That was impossible. What was happening?


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