TIPS: Why renting hostel with these facilities will save you cost.

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When looking for hostel, student are not usually aware of some hidden cost that comes with renting hostel. This is because they try to save cost by renting low price hostel, which in most cases have substandard facilities. Not that this is not nice, but renting a low price hostel does not necessarily mean saving cost. This is because the price of a hostel is based on several factors such as the available facilities, the distance to the nearest bus stop and the type of hostel. Hostel with great facilities, such as borehole, running water, tiles, security door, fence and bedding are usually expensive, especially if they are close to the nearest bus stop. While hostels with little facilities are usually less expensive compare to those with many good facilities. Some low price hostels might have great facilities but their distance to the nearest bus stop are usually far.
Here is a summary of how you can save cost by renting the right hostel   
1.   Get a fully tiled hostel: With a fully tiled hostel, you can save cost on buying rug or carpet
2.   Get a hostel with ceiling fan: This will save you the cost of buying a fan. 
3.   Make sure water is running or at least there is water in the compound: You will save the cash and stress of having to buy water or going to a long distance to fetch water.   
4.   Make sure the room is already painted: Painting a room might increase your expenses by some thousand especially if you have great taste. 

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