Off 'K' Rent gets a new look

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Off 'K' Rent gets a new look
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:46:37 AM »
The No 1 Hostel Booking website in Nigeria, offkrent.com, just published version 2.0 of their website. This website comes  with lots of features and great user experience. Students of any institution can now book and pay for their hostel online. This means that, students are now safe from fraud, as off 'k' Rent hold the payment until the student get the key and any other necessary document. The new Refund feature also allow student to get their money back in case they don't like the hostel they book. With a vision to cover everywhere off campus, student will be able to browse through hostels online without having to walk on the street on off 'K' Rent.
 "In the past, student are not sure of their hostel booking even when they pay. But with off 'K' Rent, student are rest assured that whenever they book an hostel, they will get the key and other necessary document immediately".
The founder, Tope Alao, said.

You can visit the website on www.offkrent.com


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