An Open Letter To Unilorin Entertainment Industry By - RAPLANN

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An Open Letter To Unilorin Entertainment Industry By - RAPLANN
« on: October 22, 2017, 07:37:33 PM »

All adulations to Almighty Allah (SWT) for his utmost blessings bestowed upon me throughout my stay in Unilorin. I'd like to start with my very own quote which goes thus *[/b]"when your definition stands strong, your success acquisition in life is inevitable "[/b] .
I must say it is no spoof that Unilorin has helped me not only in character and knowledge but also in my entertainment vision. Although repudiation, agon and blasphemy played its part through the years, however, i can successfully say i'll forever be remembered for the part i played.
Inquisitively, you must have known that low level of orthodox exists between University artist as frenemy and apartheid has played major roles. However, my focus will be to advice the musical artists on campus.
I already took my time to point out the core of Unilorin entertainment.
Firstly, it is pertinent that as an artist you take your primary assignment highly important i.e your education. If you have to cancel shows for a while in order to balance up your academic, please do. Note that their is always time for music but your Unilorin epoch is time dependent. Hence, be *Acadasocial*.

Secondly, Be a Nigerian artist in Unilorin, not a Unilorin artist in Nigeria. You should be wondering what i meant by that, artists shouldn't make singles that will only be bound to Unilorin alone, a song that can't be heard by others who aren't unilorite. This sort of songs are considered spoof so it's better to make singles that would be generally accepted. Remember, Nigerian artist in Unilorin.

Thirdly, It is apparent that at every point in time in our mundane existence, everyone can never be equal. There will always be top artists on campus, you might be better than them and it might be otherwise. If you are lucky to be at the top, it's not because you are the best, it's God's grace so don't play apartheid between you and your fellow artists, don't exhibit pomposity, carry the lower ones along and be there voice against critics. For artists that didn't find themselves as the most celebrated on campus, It is normal to be full of bout but never let this bout be a driving force that ignites hatred against other artists, no need to keep beefs or malice, you need to respect who ever sits above, as a friend will say you need to kowtow to their powwow. Remember, only when you celebrate others would you be celebrated.

Fourthly, i can boldly accost that Unilorin has fallen short of respect for there artists, maybe because they are numerous, so they treat them anyhow. Most especially, some Compere/MCs' whom themselves are upcoming treat artists like shit when on stage or when they plead for performance on shows. It's so devastating when artists are only allowed to perform for seconds before they are ushered out the stage. Infact scenarios have occurred that i see a fellow entertainer, an MC instructs the fans to boo any artist they don't like there performance off the stage. This is something have only seen in Unilorin. This brings up a question that why is it that comedians as bad as there jokes may be are allowed to finish cracking there jokes whereas an artist doesn't even spends up to a minute. However, artists that find themselves in this sort of situation should see it as a stepping stone to realising their goals. Although we have few MCs on campus that do understand what artists go through before releasing songs, so therefore show compassion on stages, i implore other MCs to do the same.
It is on this note that i appeal to show organizers on campus to only fix up artists that they can guarantee there performance. There is no need to write lots of artists on posters without them performing on the show and also make sure your MC sticks to your list of performance.

Lastly, as an artist you have to respect not only your fans but other musical artists fans. Never utter words that can bring up fractions between your supporters, make sure you have a good relationship with them, make sure you heed there advice and make sure you continue to give them want they request. In short, let everyone love you not just because of your music but also due to your personality.

"Success is no accident. It is hardwork and perseverance, and most of all, the love of what you are doing or learning to do". This quote has kept me going all the way. If you had noticed, some artists lots of people don't really know at all, or as top artists in Unilorin got signed to prominent labels already. This only shows that everyone has there own time regardless of the fact that you are/aren't a proclaimed top act on campus. Do your best and pray to God for guidance.

My name is Raplann. I came, i saw and i conquered in Unilorin, not only in my academics but also on my musical career. I am *Acadasocial*, I am *The Ooza Jacuza*, I am *The Ibilenglish Lyricist* and i am also that guy that respects you. My orison is that we meet at the very top in Allah's name.
I drop my pen to say see you again Unilorin and not bye bye Unilorin but never forget *" you're a Nigerian artist in Unilorin and not a Unilorin artist in Nigeria".

God Bless all Unilorin artists.
God Bless all Unilorin entertainers.
God Bless all Unilorites
God Bless all Nigerians
God Bless you and I

Thank you
I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to click on ACTION BUTTON TO QUOTE and GREEN BUTTON TO REPLY below.


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