"pathetic smile" by sula jnr

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"pathetic smile" by sula jnr
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The pathetic smile
By Sula jnr

On the early hours of the day 26th July, I sat by the bed looking at those staring at me with the gesture of sorrow
I listened to all the personalities make solemn request in prayers others In tears they cry to yehovah ,they request a second chance for the life of the deceased, I was later moved into a car that drove straight to the mortuary where the body was deposit
People came with kind arms as condolences and show sympathy though only women where crying, unlike me other men show a sign of solitude on their faces, to me I consider tears and moody face as a sign of weakness and I hold myself even though I wasn't that strong.
On this day I was replaced to his sit at home ,where I was ask to give contribution on family affairs, it was heartbreaking to me and many others though I could still manage to where a smile on my face to face others not to cry.
I sat gently ,listen to very important personality's make heartbreaking speeches of sympathy consoling the family after which an arrangement was made for the plans of the interment where running up and down became my duty
Most of all I gave glory to yehovah for his great deals, a day was fix for the interment according to the Christian tradition
People move sorrowfully at home though my belief was that everything was a mere dream hopping someone well soon wake me up hence it was sickening even if it was a movie I was hoping it will come to an end ,but people kept saying 'you ought to be strong ' (SONNEN tavershima ) most of all I became a close companion to my uncle who was a companion to the deceased, in every action to be taken he ask for my view (SONNEN u nenge nena) he shake's hand with me every time he See's me ,even though tears roll down his chick he kept saying "SONNEN tavershima" be strong,we ought to do all we have to do ,it our duty ,no one will come and do it for us ,we had no rest for at least two weeks until the day of the interment, throughout my being I've seen people fall asleep to death but have never watch my loved one fall asleep to death in my presence, it was like a dream but everything was just being real ,they call me many places, everyone one's to see me  even though few detest my presence
I became the figure of the day in darkness, many pray for my well being, and finally the Kong awaits day came ,where car's, vehicles and motorcycles of encounter number fellows up to the mortuary to get the corpse
It was unlike other days to me ,though tears where not found on my face ,many felt that was exactly where I wound cry but it was unlike real to me that tears never show up nor does my face looks moody
Many companions of the deceased who never set eyes on me where looking in search for where I was not knowing I was the one taking them to where they could sit and have a rest
That night the preacher man awaken people with his message that that left years on all the audience, some even cry loud and many move about crying, people stare at me as I stand and gaze at the deceased in the casket thinking I might faint or cry but it happens real and I laugh about joyfully that many thought I was mad and crazy
I remember the last message he sent to me "son you are distance yourself from the family thinking the yoke won't be on you but never did you know that it going to be on you soon or sooner ,stop running away from your responsibility, you are going no where, it will be on you soon" at the flash back I was left shock so much that my heart grief that I begin to have many thoughts ,shortly enough a soft hand touch me from the back "SONNEN I've be in search of you,com with me" this was a uncle who was everything to me just like my dad ,he also fathered me ,he taught me how to think and not what to think, he was so grief ,he stayed talking to me  even though many people where ready to chat him up ,people who have been old time friend's wait until I was sleepy that they came around with hugs to send away sleepiness from me and I remain awake till day break
At around 5am I heard someone saying "we have being in search of where you are all night ,please come with us" a fair voice among the group continue ,we came down from jos to show are sympathy, I received hugs a lot from them the apologize for not being around area ,yes this where people I never thought will will show up due their busy schedule, sewing them i was overwhelm with joy that I forgot my thoughts, we laugh as they followed me to where we sat and chat much  but not long did my uncle show up saying "please gentle men and ladies allow to go and take a bath,the program will soon start " this friends fellowed me up to the bath room ,they stood outside chatting with me as I took my bath ,a lady with a Fair pretty voice who happens to be a soldier came out of the group and whispered to my ears'  'i'm sorry for not being beside you, she refused to walk away even to the door of my room she fellows me ,as I put on my white attire wears for the program of the interment as demanded of me on that day to walk out of the room she gave me a look and said please stop,wait with her fair pretty voice  as she step to my face she cleans my face and smile to me saying " don't forget to wear a smile when you are sited in the program "
At the program, the preacher man, he was a companion of the deceased, a pastor ,humble he astonish the audience with his message of the Scriptures and bless the family of the deceased, as the proceed to the presentation of the deceased family, she walk towards me and whispered again "come on dear wear a smile" and I went lost in my thoughts smiling without no cause ,after the presentation of the deceased family, she walk me away saying, I regret leaving you by joining the army but don't worry dear I will come back for you, it was time for her to go back hence she was on a permit (pass) she waited with arms around and tear in her eye's as dad was lowered to the grave ,even as a soldier she cried and felt sorry after meeting mom and my two little bro she wave me a stay well and depart
The interment of E.A SULLAH was a mystery ,yes it was a mystery ,pathetic.
The rainbow gloomily slice across the sky ,the friendly sun of the forenoon refused to shine on earth .it was like the world was coming to an end as followers proceeded toward the mausoleum .

To be continued


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