See Something Big That Is Happening In Ilorin This November

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See Something Big That Is Happening In Ilorin This November
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:26:49 PM »

After the success of her last parties G.A.M.E,LaFiesta,and arguably the biggest party ever held in ilorin,LOCKDOWNIII,Chrome Entertainment unveils plans to host her forthcoming party tagged "EMERGENCY"
EMERGENCY is to cut across all major institution in kwara like unilorin,Al hikima and kwasu

For More Info/Enquiries:

 DON PEDRO:08187727977

IG @Chrome_Ent
I was initially just going to put this on the sidebar, then I realized there is nothing more appealing to HUI guys than turn up so I decided to do a whole post instead (and someone said I am not the best). From November to January Ilorin is hosting a consortium of parties, each one trying to to out do the other , each one trying to do something unique. LaFiesta topping the charts in that dimension boasting of live performances, a fifa tournement, fashion and art. All fun stuff but all these turn ups seem to be forgetting the three main instruments for a great party, booze, chicks and really really loud music. Emergency is keeping it simple. Simply loud, Their resume says it all, Game and Lockdown parties that shook Ilorin to its core. Oooh before I forget, for the soundbar regulars, Emergency emerges at Soundbar so you guys should feel at home. So people get your party hats on cus chrome entertainment is at it again. For more information on chrome entertainment, or if you just want to see what one of their parties look like click here.

And a word of advice, don't let your boyfriend or girlfriend anywhere near emergency, trust me they ain't going there to be faithful. That said remember to share the link, leave a comment and make sure you come get fucked up at emergency. Shadyink people, peace out
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