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Arararara orororororo
Phyl mix give them no time hot hot (Ya)
Lanre money bag wareedo
Zero all of them like whazzee
Big man Toffie in d building
Sugar baby sef is present
Shebi I don tell una say una go hear pansa pansa (naso)
It's your boy Tds o aareeeee...

I bin dey cool down now I dey come
Burna boy no go fi burn me
Awon temi they've been calling
Tererererere  (x2)
I don tey for the game but you know I bin dey chill o (arigidi)
And now wey I don come na to dey kill o (arigidi) (x2)

Basically na d money wey no dey dey make me observe
But now I dey come for everything wey I deserve
I know say I gast famz d blown ones
And even if I go famz Omo na d dope ones
E duro dede Tds is up and he's coming
E ma lo ro pe e le re mi je shey mo jor omo mummy
See I'm coming for d accolades I'm coming for d money
Tio ba tin shey oro owo oga ade e no funny
Tds is the king in d palace o
Mo gara tan mo de tun gallant o
See I change am for them that means mo balance o
Carrying music for head like say na gallas o
Before u CHALLENGE me go ask who IB
Sango kind of flows yet no one cool like me
But be free to challenge me o na today?
Tho I no get qualms with anyone even ayinde
     ( Back to Chorus)
For me to be greater they said I have to blend
I pray make d rebirth of this jam just dey trend
Ko trend lati naija titi dey oke okun
Tds sha ni boss oya tete we ro fun
I've been in the game since the year 012
The kind of vibe u wan dey hear emi lo lotu e
That means I've been in d game oga no be today
Apostle for this wack emcees I dey tu de
Oju ti rokun oju ti rodo
Aare is coming thru oya comot for road o
Very soon everything would be fun galore
So d fame and d money ni mo fe ma ba lor
Cox omo yi ti dope gan o de tun sabi now
Aiming for d high bi eni to ti mu sabina
Elo gbaradi cox d boy is blowing very soon
Wack emcees ema gba lejo Olohun eni sun.

(Back to chorus)

Yeah Awareness the rebirth
Tds the key man
Lanre money bag on d M I C


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