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We have already knew that 2017 UTME candidates will be tested on the new book called "In Dependence" by Sarah Ladipo Manyika.

Irrespective of your choosing course of study you will surely be tested on this book.

The book is to be given to candidates after paying for the 2017 UTME registration.

However, for most candidates who would prefer a soft copy of the book. Here is a summary of the book based on a review by IDOKO OJABO.


Tayo Ajayi, a Nigerian, and Vanessa Richardson, an English lady, had their affair boiling when it began, however as circumstances have been meant to intervene, the connection went sore and it appeared nothing may ever carry them collectively.

The book (In dependence) has characters that behaved in like-patterns, like within the case of Tayo’s pal, Yusuf, who had dated tons of white English women.

He (Yusuf) ended up marrying a Nigerian Lady as predicted (Yusuf knew what he needed and appeared to get it).

Tayo additionally ended up the identical method in as a lot as his affair with Vanessa Richardson had been gleaming, though he had been out of the error of getting a younger lady (Miriam) pregnant.

And speaking of sample, the novel’s (In dependence) starting had opened up introducing Tayo’s affair with Christine, a Nigerian Igbo woman. One would suppose that Manyika needed to finish Tayo’s relationship with Christine for the sake of bringing in Vanessa into Tayo’s life, however nonetheless, Tayo needed to find yourself marrying Miriam. And nonetheless the wedding failed, giving in to the acquainted sample.

Miriam in Manyika’s novel (In dependence) represented the breeds of the Nigerians that may all the time run away to reside overseas because of the collapsing picture of their dwelling nation.

Miriam went away together with her daughter leaving Tayo behind. In as a lot as she persuaded Tayo, he wouldn’t go. She didn’t like an inconveniencing life. She needed the perfect life for her daughter.

Tayo, on the opposite facet represented the crude breeds of Nigerians that felt dwelling was dwelling despite the fact that the nation was boiling in corruption. In as a lot because the failure of the nation stared firmly at his face with daggers, he selected to remain.

In direction of the late pages of the novel he needed to depart the nation underneath threatening circumstances towards his life from the ruling navy regime.

The complete novel is informed from the great days of Nigeria’s independence down into the nineties. I applaud Manyika’s ink, right here. In as a lot because the setting of this novel floated by way of England, Senegal, USA, and France, she was ready to make use of her third eye to attract out Nigeria’s journey into the more serious lanes of corruption, and hopelessness.

Religion is one other situation that Manyika (In dependence) handled. It didn’t matter to her if one was a Muslim or Christian.
Studying by way of this novel, one couldn’t inform if Tayo got here from a Muslim or Christian household however we did know he embraced extra of the Christian religion. She didn’t level out the difficulties of inter-religious marriages within the novel (In dependence), however centred extra on the difficulties of interracial marriage.

Throughout Tayo’s life as an element time lecturer in Sans Francisco, the creator used a scene to unbolt some deeper points of racism.

She identified the racist ties between the African American and the pure African. These points she raised apply in all places even inside Nigerians.

A Yoruba would check with an Igbo as a grasping cash monger and doubtful monster, and in flip the Igbo would check with the Yoruba as a unclean, loquacious and silly character who spend all he earns on events and alcohol. It needed to be understood that racism was one these existences that may reside for a very long time so far as misunderstanding between folks existed.

I captured traces which  which are coated with humour on this novel, however might be referred to as racial remarks. Younger black Yusuf got here clear in his dialog with Tayo. He mentioned white ladies have been for intercourse treats whereas black ladies have been for respectable relationships that would result in marriage. He added white lady regarded so previous when she turned thirty.
The worst racist on this e-book (In dependence) is Vanessa’s father who was a one time colonial grasp in Nigeria earlier
thanks sir
would need more info if necessary
i studied banking and finance,so want to put in for Finance in unilorin

Nice, you are good to go.
i studied banking and finance,so want to put in for Finance in unilorin

Hello our beloved readers, it is time for your help.

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General Discussion / READ!! How To Survive In NYSC Camp
« Last post by Abydeco on March 23, 2017, 10:13:13 AM »

The no 1 on the lists is

1.Don’t Ever Make Direct Eye Contact with a soldier  .
 Even when it is almost unfathomable that you can avoid doing so, could potentially lead to situations that may end in you feeling very, very humiliated and punished. Never do this unless directly ordered to do so, and even then it is safer to wait to be told twice, just to be sure. Your job is to stare straight ahead, nowhere else.

2: Left is Left and Right is Right.

This rule applies to hands, feet, turning while marching, sides of a pack, boots you name it. If you are told to pick up something with your left hand and you pick it up with your right hand, you are wrong and are going to draw attention to yourself. If you are a squad leader and you lead the entire platoon right when the command was left, ohhhh boy you are going to feel great after 500 pushups at 0300.

3  “Yes Sir, No Sir, Aye Sir”
Now, o

Corps finest pieces of property, you will be required to start and end every piece of language that exits your nasty little mouth with “Sir” (or “Ma’a m” if referring to a female). More often than not, the only conversational elements that will reside in between Sir or Ma’am will be “Yes” or “No.” It is not often that any other information will be required from you. When told an order, the proper response is “Aye (Sir or Ma’am).”

Endeavor to follow the rules and regulations.
good afternoon please planning to take a direct entry into unilorin. i studied banking and finace cgpa 3.5/5.0.want to put in for finance. what do need to do in terms of requirment for admission
please respond to me this time sir

You have meet up with the requirement of CGPA, you are good to go. besides, which course did you studied in the polytechnic?
good afternoon please planning to take a direct entry into unilorin. i studied banking and finace cgpa 3.5/5.0.want to put in for finance. what do need to do in terms of requirment for admission
please respond to me this time sir

If you have successfully registered for the JAMB 2017 UTME, and has collected his/her e-slip as evidence of registration.

Please, your brothers and sisters are finding it difficult to complete their own registration and over 1.5 million candidates are expected to register for this exam.

If you have successfully registered (and collected your e-slip), please share your experiences here and if there was any special procedure you adopted to help you register quickly.

You are also free to share the exact and active Accredited JAMB CBT centre that you registered with. Any information you share on this thread about registration will be valued. For those who are yet to register, BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT, update yourself also

So based on all the information we’ve gathered so far as jamb opened portal for registration, there are quite strict & limited options for you to choose as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Institutions.

The updated JAMB 2017 Registration Template, which we provided for you to take to the Accredited CBT Centre will now guide you on how to appropriately make your selection without having issues with JAMB.

For your own good, you should download the new JAMB 2017 Registration Template, print it and fill it with the help of your parents or teachers, before proceeding for registration, or else you are absolutely sure of your selection.

So, here are the options available to you at this time;

1st Institution – Federal or State University
2nd Institution – Private University or Polytechnic
3rd Institution – Polytechnic or College of Education (COE)
4th Institution – College of Education (COE) or Innovative Enterprise Institute (IEI)

This means you can no longer choose a Federal University and State University as 1st & 2nd Choices respectively. If you must choose a university as a 2nd choice, it has to be a private university.

You can however select a polytechnic as 2nd choice, in place of a private university, and so on, as stated in the table above.

Hope this is understood? So you don’t get to your registration point and get confused. There will be no time for confusion.
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