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General Discussion / GOOD NEWS: F G Recovered over N7 trillion in TSA account
« Last post by Olaitan9291 on April 17, 2017, 10:29:34 PM »
  The Federal Government recorded over N7 trillion in the Treasury Single

 Account (TSA) towards the end of March 2017. Accountant General of the Federation (AGF), Mr Ahmed Idris has said.

In an interview with the Economic Confidential in Abuja, Mr Idris further said the amount represents monies belonging to different Ministries, Departments and Agencies(MDAs) put in portal in such a way that government can view the entire balance as one.

“When we say we have over N5 trillion in TSA, it does not mean free funds for spending. No! no! no! These monies belong to various ministries, departments and agencies put in a portal in such a way that you can view the entire balance as one.

“The movement is now over N7 trillion. But as I explained earlier, these are not free money. People should not be thinking of why is government borrowing to fund budget. These are budgeted monies for MDAs for projects and developments,” he said.

He said that the federal government through the implementation of the TSA has saved additional N4 billion monthly which could have been held by banks, noting that a total collapse of government activities would have occurred if the TSA was not in place.

“But let me also make a strong and important point. If not because TSA is in place and now that the recession is here, only God knows what would have happened. A monthly drain of over N4 billion and yet no revenue coming in and leakages continued.

“It could have been a disaster. It was government’s foresightedness and focus even as TSA was in place before the recession. And that is why we are floating and not sinking, and we will not sink God willing,” he said.

“For instance, why would one university have over one hundred and twenty bank accounts, and some of them even hidden and missing and carrying huge balances. We also discovered that there are costs associated with keeping these multiple bank accounts. Every month the government incurs over N4 billion in maintaining these accounts.

“Yet Government is borrowing its own money. And to stop government from borrowing its money and for the fact that there was no commensurate returns on such monies, it was double tragedy! This is like a sword with two sides that can cut from any of the sides. Sanity was brought with the introduction of TSA.”

Speaking on the transparency in the disbursement of federation account monthly, the AGF noted that transparency and openness are key to the present administration, adding that It is a desire to institute discipline, good governance and trust. The government cannot be trusted if it says one thing and does another.

“The meager revenue that has been accruing is being judiciously used and there is fiscal discipline in management of public resources. Let me give you an example in the previous administration.

“There was a time state government kicked against savings. Now because what they know and being practiced by government of the day, they have decided to imbibe the culture of savings.

“We have excess Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT). These are excess taxes from petroleum tax. When we get money over and above budgeted figure, the excess is always being saved. If it were before, state governments and other stakeholders would say it should be shared. And this is what has been giving us buffer, especially at this time of recession.

“Despite the lean resources, we take from it and augment accordingly. And this is being done transparently. All the stakeholders are aware of balances at any point in time. Whatever revenue comes in is shown at National Economic Council meetings including all the governors who will be briefed by the Minister of Finance.

“They have seen the openness and have accepted what government has put in place and the economic team. This is why we are achieving remarkable success amidst recession”, he said.



It is important to take note of some characters in a book while reading especially if you are going to be tested on that book.
Concerning the book “In Dependence” that UTME candidates will be tested on, we have compiled a list of important characters in the book. JAMB may equally ask questions based on this. So do well, to get your self familiar with these characters.


1. Omotayo Oluwakayode Ajayi also known as TY.

2. Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi : Tayo’s father who was once a court servant and an interpreter in the native administration before joining the police.

3. Mr Jonathan Richardson: Father of Venessa.

4. Mrs Elizabeth Richardson: Mother of Venessa.

5. Mr Edward Maximilian Barker: The one who welcomed Omotayo prior to the letter given to Tayo by Mr Faircliff.

6. Headmaster Faircliff: Tayo’s Headmaster.

7. Mr Clark: Tayo’s Mathematics Teacher.

8. Mr Blackburn: British empire history teacher.

9. Bisi and Remi: Siblings of Tayo.

10. Modupe: Tayo’s Lover before going to Oxford at age 19.

11. Uncle Bolu also known as Uncle B: Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women. And women also loved him in return.

12. Uncle Oluwakayode Ogundipe: A Big Man in Lagos, who lived in a luxurious, a senior army officer before leaving for France to study Engineering. He was able to meet Venessa.

13. Helen: Uncle Kayode’s wife.

14. Aunty Bayo: Former girl friend of Uncle Kayode.

15. Mr Lekan Olajide from Ogbomoso on a voyage.

16. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed from Kaduna on a voyage

17. Mrs Isabella Barker: An attractive young Italian woman who preferred to be called “Isabella”.

18. Mr Ike Nwade: A student of History.

19. Mr Bolaji Ladipupo: A Law student.

20. Miss Christine Arinze: A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime relationship. She later on had Ike has her boyfriend. She died of drug overdose (Suicide).

21. Christopher Okigbo: A poet and Omotayo’s teacher.

22. Venessa Richardson”aka Moremi by Tayo to show her fighting spirit”: Tayo’s white Lady lover.

23. Gita from Kenya: An English student.

24. Pat: A Physicist.

25. Jane: A Friend to Venessa a physicist also (whites).

26. Charlie and Mehul: (whites)

27. Simon: The president of west African Student.

28. Francis: From Ghana who was with the idea that independence came far too early for africans

29. Maynes Keynes: Venessa’s grandpa was in the colonial service Juma and Saratu? Are they cats?

30. Lord Lugard: was once the governor of Hong kong before coming to Nigeria and he also became our governor in the year 1914

31. Nancy Murdoch and Mr Murdoch.

32. Uncle Tony: who had s*x with Jane.

33. Madam Pagnole.

34. Chinua Achebe: things fall apart and No longer at Ease.

35. Nkrumah: The first president of Ghana and Senghor of Senegal Kenyatt.

36. Tunde: the cousin of Tayo who works in the bakery.

37. Yusuf Abubakar: who works in the hospital. HE believed white women were only meant for friendship but not for marriage with his genuine reasons.

38. Joyce: Yusuf’s white girlfriend who said he hasn’t heard Yusuf speak Nigerian before and then Yusuf replied her: you daft one, no one speaks Nigerian.

39. Mr and Mrs winter: across the road at Bradley

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40. Joy Williams: The black WOMAN Yusuf got married to.

41. Anais Nin: The first British erotic writer.

42. Nigerian coup d’etat and Biafran war.

43. Salamatou: an hairstylist in Dakar, Senegal who died in a motor accident

44. Jean Luc: A French who had promised to marry Salamatou but ran away after he got to know she was pregnant.

45. Miriam: A nurse, whom treated Tayo’s father and got pregnant for Tayo. Got married to Tayo and gave birth to Kemi.

46. Kemi: Daughter of Tayo and Miriam

47. President Shagari.

48. Mr Akin: A carver.

49. Wole Soyinka: Okri the Booker.


51. Dogun Dutse Mobile station.

52. Samir: From Bradford.

53. Suleiman: Salamatou’s son hence Venessa’s adopted son. A Muslim he became and a drop out from Cambridge.

54. Abdou: The driver who was taken Tayo to the airport before an accident occur.

55. Laurent: Kemi’s boyfriend.

56. Danjuma: The gardener.

57. Professor John Harris: He is the man whom Kemi introduced to his father from the University.
General Discussion / 4 Things To Keep You Motivated When Your Blog Is Falling
« Last post by Abydeco on April 17, 2017, 09:01:01 AM »
I decided to write this to encourage all the discouraged bloggers out there. Don't give up till you get to the top.

I know it's possible that you no longer think of blogging the way you used to when you started.

Instead, you now believe that blogging is a bed of thorns and you want to quit blogging.
I've got some questions for you though?

My questions:

1. What's making you think so miserably ?
2. Why are you feeling so disappointed about something that gave you so much excitement?
3. Is blogging as boring as a career?
Certainly Not!!
All you have to do is to to re-invent your own game.
Here are four of the common things about blogging that worry you and solutions to keep you going.

1. There are already lots of bloggers
How do you stand out and make a name for yourself amidst so many other established bloggers?

Imagine if your favorite football team thought “Geez, there are many teams already. We can’t compete with the established teams . Let's just give up on the idea.”
You would have never got your favorite team .
Trust me, you have a great potential and you can surely be the next blogging superstar.

2. Blogging Is Difficult
Blogging definitely needs a lot of patience and will power. It’s very difficult to stand out in a crowded place.
Apparently, you may need to work harder for the first few months. You may have to post regularly and trust me you are doing a great job as your post might just make someone smile and solve their problem.
Your hard work will pay off when people start recognizing your work and become your fan.

3. I don't have any followers

Nobody's following you? Ask yourself this question:
Have you done any exceptional thing to make people follow you?
If you were your reader, is there any reason why would you follow your blog?.
In order to get followers you need to produce interesting content.You need to work with others and create a name for yourself. And the best way to do that is to blog. Blog as if it's the last profession in the world. Write classic content and try to solve your readers’ problems.
When your readers will start noticing your work they will definitely try to follow you.So don’t make followers your first priority.

4. I can't expand my blog to a profitable business.
The average time it takes a blogger to get popular or make a name in the blogosphere is usually between 3-5 years. NaijaLoaded started in 2009 and gained popularity around 2012, Linda Ikeji started in 2006 and gained popularity around 2010. You have to be consistent and exercise patience.
Blogging is a full-time job for many people
Many professional bloggers are living life lavishly through blogging and are also a source of earning for other bloggers.
They hire content writers, moderators, editors, graphic designers, web designers and so on to enhance their blogging experience.This way they also help these people earn a living.

In the same way, you too can live life with your conditions and also be a source of earning for others.
Blogging gives you all the opportunities to grow.
If you think money is a strong motivator for your growth, just work towards making money from your blog.
Sign up to an affiliate program like Jumia Affiliate Or apply for AdSense or any other ad networks.
Once you've build your blog, you can get sponsored posts that pay you for writing reviews for products.
Blogging is far more interesting than the easiest job.
You only have to be patient.

What are your secrets to getting motivated? Let me know in the comments.
General Discussion / LATEST: EFCC Celebrates​ 14th Anniversary
« Last post by Olaitan9291 on April 16, 2017, 12:25:41 PM »
The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, stated in an interview session with staff to mark it’s 14th year anniversary that the commission will always fight in ensuring that corruption is completely wiped out in Nigeria, a development that will ensure Nigeria retains her position in the comity of nations.

He encouraged the staff to uphold the core values of the Commission and said it was necessary to put more efforts in the ongoing fight against corruption as that is the only way succour can be brought to Nigeria.

We will continue to fight corruption whether anybody likes it or not. Because, we know that, that is the only way we can bring succor to this country. Now that we have found ourselves in this position, please, let us put heads together”, Magu said.

He also encouraged that the public should furnish him with information on how the Commission can move forward; information on the wrong things they are doing, in order for them to be addressed so that the image of the Agency will not be tarnished.

He said: My door is completely opened. If something is going on wrong, please come and tell me. If you don’t want to show your face, just write a letter to me. Information is very important. I am alone, if you don’t tell me what is wrong, I would not know” he said.

He added that he doesn’t want to know what is right and that the public should state how to correct the system itself because the system needs correction every day.

People are complaining about corruption in the EFCC, which is not good. We should not allow some individuals to spoil our names here”, he admonished.

Magu who said that the efforts being made by the Commission in fighting corruption, is fast gaining recognition in the international communities, charged the staff to shun the wrong things and be part of the success story. He said it was necessary to always remember to put the interest of the nation first. If you go to United States of America and the United Kingdom, they are all awash with news about us because of this Malabu case. So we are succeeding. Be part of the success. Forget about your own interest. Consider the overall interest of this country and the interest of the nation.

General Discussion / SEE WHAT: Tightening the abdominal
« Last post by Olaitan9291 on April 16, 2017, 07:40:06 AM »
 Tightening the abdominals

For most people over thirty the abdominal region gets to be the least toned set of
muscles of the body. We work with our hands and walk with our feet, therefore,
somehow, those parts are almost always in better shape than the abdominal wall.

A trim waistline doesn’t only look impressive aesthetically, it also speaks volumes of the state of health of the individual. Reduce the girth and presto! You instantly look youthful. You will begin to digest your food and absorb it more efficiently.

Once the belly is shrunk appreciably, we can then learn to perform certain exercises which can help the system achieve better bowel action – a veritable way f eliminating toxins.

As regards exercise, there are countless ways to deal with the bulge of the belly. Some get results from practising dit-ups, others from leg-raises and so on. But there are some less familiar practices that deal with flabby stomach a lot more thoroughly.

Besides strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, some of these practices can be used for purification purposes along with drinking large quantities of salt water. The following exercise will help trim the waist and keep it so, forever. I have had the same waistline since the past thirty years and I am fifty two now. If yours truly can do it, so can you! All it takes is diligence. Lets consider the Rocking.

The Abdominal Lift

Technique: Sit with the knees drawn and the hands placed at the back of the knees. Now, lunge both legs forwards and quickly draw them back and thrust them forth again. Keep this to and fro movement of the feet going continually. If you break the rhythm by hesitating you rill immediately fail to keep going. You may do as few as 5 thrusts and withdrawals of the feet initially and then increase the number of times as you improve. Benefits: The Rocking toughens the upper thigh and abdominal muscles. The exercise is reputed to also improve the soundness of sleep.

Technique: Standing with the feet about a foot apart, breathe in deeply and exhale forcefully. Now, with the breath out, draw in the muscles of the abdomen until you have a hollow forming beneath the ribs. The hands should be placed on the thighs and the knees bent a little. Keep the trunk a bit tipped forward but don’t lower it. Maintain the retraction of the diaphragm by keeping both hands firmly pressed against the thighs as you lean on them. Keep the position for as long as can be without breathing.

Then, ease up, stand erect and begin to breathe normally. Repeat only once more if you’re just stating this exercise. As regards this very exercise, Indra Devi advises gradually bringing it up to seven times adding one time each week. Warning: People with a weak heart or serious abdominal or circulatory problems should refrain from this exercise.

After the Nigeria Civil war, the NYSC scheme was created to reconcile, reconstruct and to rebuild the country.

After the Nigeria Civil war, the NYSC scheme was created to reconcile, reconstruct and to rebuild the country. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established on the 22nd May, 1973. NYSC was established with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity.
Recently, there have been rumours that the NYSC scheme has been scrap by the federal government. Even though it was a rumour, many people would love to see it happen.

Today, we will be telling you five funny reasons why NYSC should not be scrap.

1. Cultures/ Tradition

Do you know most youths have not travelled out of their state of origin or resident? Scrapping NYSC will prevent most youth to experience or learn other cultures. I recently finished my NYSC program of which I served in Anambra state. I can vehemently tell you that knowing the culture and tradition of the Anambrans changed my orientation towards the Igbo people and increased my love for business. There is always something you will learn from other cultures and traditions.

2. Alawee

#19,800? That's too small! Only feeding will consume more than half of it! I won't lie to you, I also complained about the money. But do you really think if NYSC is no more, you can get 19800 every month after finishing school considering the Nigeria economy? This small alawee has saved many youths from begging money from parents, uncle, friends after school. I can tell you that many youths don't even get up to that alawee in a month after finishing their NYSC. Do you know the money most people saved from their Alawee is what they use to survive after NYSC before their dream job? It might be funny to you, but it is true.

3. Life Partner

I don't need to tell you that many people met their lost rip during the one year NYSC program. I can still remember the song we sang at orientation camp ''When corper marry corper them go born ... wink''. So many married people met their partner at the orientation camp, some at their PPA and some even met theirs in the host community. A lot of persons might not see their missing rip if NYSC is scrap- funny but true.

4. Job Opportunities

We have talked about Cultures, Alawee, and Life partner, let's Talk about Job opportunities. During NYSC program- Most graduates are fortunate to work in an organization where they are being retained after the one year program. Apart from your PPA, there can also be several job openings in the community or state where you served. Scrapping NYSC will deprive so many of job.

5. Experience
NYSC program serves as a good platform to gain experience. 70% of corps are being posted to schools which is also a good place to gain experience. I don't need to tell to include it as experience in your CV.


 The Position

The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chief Executive and Chief Academic Officer of the University and shall exercise general supervision over the University. He/She shall be Ex-Officio Chairman of Senate and Congregation and Member of the Governing Council. He/She shall be responsible to Council for the day to day management of the human, financial and material resources of the University.

   The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin, must be:

i) a distinguished Professor of not less than 10 years in one of the disciplines offered by the  University of Ilorin;

ii) of demonstrable astute managerial ability to maintain the peace and academic stability for  which the University is reputed;

iii) a scholar of outstanding national and international repute, with proficiency in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and considerable experience at top levels of  University Administration;

iv) a Professor with a track record of teaching, research and community service;

v) a person of entrepreneurial and innovative pre-disposition, with a proven track record appropriate to the vision and mission of a first class University;

vi) a person endowed with strong character and ability to give courageous and effective  leadership;

vii) a person capable of inspiring the advancement of learning and reaching out to all persons without discrimination in any form;

viii) of a sound health, pleasant disposition, unassailable integrity and strong moral character for inspiring and maintaining moral discipline among staff and students; and

ix) of proven ability to initiate contacts and funding from national and international sources.

Media/Entertainment / MUSIC: Shoprite Love- Tundex Mania
« Last post by Abydeco on April 14, 2017, 12:04:18 AM »

Mania gang Presents the Anticipated "Shoprite Love" by the Indigenous Rap Lord himself "TUNDEXMANIA" currently the winner of All Nigerian Universities Student Rapper of the Year Award (Anuca).

"Shoprite Love" is a Freestyle Track, which entails a love story of various Girls met at Shoprite!

Listen to this Dope track and you will never regret Downloading!

Download, Listen and Feel the Ent!

General Discussion / Check Out The New Date For Unilorin CBT Make Up Exam
« Last post by Abydeco on April 13, 2017, 10:29:21 PM »

We are using this medium inform you all that the CBT make up exam comes up on 19th April, if you are still at home and missed some of your exams. kindly resume quickly so you can meet up with this stipulated date to avoid story that torches heart.
Campus News / Important Requirement For NYSC Orientation Camps
« Last post by Abydeco on April 13, 2017, 06:30:25 PM »

If you have found your name on the NYSC approved Senate list then you are just a step to start serving your father land which is going to orientation Camp which is usually 21 days before but now reduced to 16 days.

You need the following items with you as you are going to camp. The items will be divided into two categories;

A) Documents
B) Other items

A) The documents you need are as follows;
i. Degree/HND certificate or statement of result
ii. Green card
iii. Call up letter
iv. Passport (12 copies is okay with white background)
v. Medical report

B. Other Items;
i. Stapler with pin
ii. Office file
iii. Buckets
iv. Toiletress
v. Cooler, cup and spoon (preferably plastic)
vi. White shot and vest
vii. White canvass
viii. Waist pouch
ix. Money (No matter how small)


 It would be better you don't go to camp at all if you forget any because you will still be sent back home.

Mind you, you might decide not to go to camp with the other items because they will be available at the camp mammy but be ready to pay almost double of the price.

Don't let anyone tell you to get 30 red background and white background passport o! It's all lies.
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